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    I have received a message from Call2Collect
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    I already paid
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    I have high and/or multiple debts
If you received a notice from Call2Collect we have sent this by order of a creditor. If you refuse to pay, after multiple notices from Call2Collect, we reserve the right to start the legal procedure on behalf of our client. To prevent a legal procedure we highly recommend you to pay as soon as possible, preferably before the expiration date of the letter.

Call2Collect offers multiple different payment solutions. Below you can find the available payment possibilities.
You can transfer the outstanding amount (under the reference of your case number) to the bank account of Call2Collect. Please refer to the payment details below:
IBAN: NL48ABNA0477453678
ATTN: Stichting Derdengelden Call2collect
You can pay Call2Collect through iDeal in several ways. You can use the iDeal link in the notice you have received or via the iDeal form on our website. In case you prefer receiving an iDeal link by e-mail or text message please call us.
GWK Travelex:
You can pay the open amount in a GWK office either by cash or card. GWK Travelex has 51 offices throughout the Netherlands, mainly located on the bigger train stations and city centers. Find an office near you on
NOTE: You always have to do payments yourself. We do not withdraw funds from your account.
If you receive a letter or e-mail from Call2Collect that is not meant for you we kindly ask you to return it to the sender. If you happen to know what the correct address is please mention this on the envelope. You can also notify Call2Collect by email about incorrect addresses.
If you do not pay Call2Collect as a result of the reminders, we can start legal proceedings on behalf of our customer. If you get a subpoena and the judge then decides that you have to pay, chances are you will also have to pay for all the costs of the court proceedings. If you have not paid the bailiff after service (the official notification) of the judgment, we can have you seized, for example, wages, bank accounts, movable and immovable property. We always strive to avoid legal proceedings. Unfortunately, this is not always possible.
If your financial situation makes it impossible to pay the amount at once, you can request a payment arrangement from Call2Collect. You can read how to request a payment scheme below.

If you have structural financial problems, we advise you to contact a debt counseling agency. We advise you to take a look at On this website, you will find information about debts, how to resolve your debts yourself, and about bodies that can help you with this.
If you are not able to pay the demand at once it is, under strict conditions, possible to make a payment arrangement. The amount of installments depends on the outstanding amount and your financial situation. Contact Call2Collect by phone or e-mail to discuss the possibilities, together with you we will then look for a suitable solution. After an agreement has been reached, we will send you a confirmation of the payment plan by e-mail or post.
NOTE: The terms of the payment plan are set up under strict conditions. If Call2Collect does not receive the payment then the payment plan will be canceled.
The amount in our notice is the amount you have to pay to Call2Collect. This amount includes the principal sum, legal interest, and collection fees. The amount of collection costs differs between private persons and businesses.
Private person:
As of the 1st of July 2012, the collection costs are determined by law. The law provides a percentage scale for determining the collection fees. This percentage is based on the principal amount.
The scale of collection fees:
Principle amount up to €2500 15% with a minimum of €40
The next €2 500 10%
The next €5 000 5%
The next €190 000 1%
Everything above 0.5% with a maximum of € 6.775,00
For Business:
For the calculation of the extrajudicial collection costs of companies, the general terms and conditions of the creditor are decisive for the amount of the collection costs. Usually, a percentage of 15% with a minimum of € 75.00 is used. If nothing is laid down in the general terms and conditions about the amount of the collection costs, the collection costs will be calculated in accordance with the Direct Debit Act.
We work for a wide variety of (inter)national clients. Our letters always contain the name of our client.
If you want to know what the current outstanding claim is you can always contact Call2Collect by phone or e-mail. We kindly ask you to always have your case number ready while contacting our office.
This depends on how you have done your payment. Generally speaking, your payment is processed within two working days. However, international transfers might take up more time. If you have doubts about your payment please contact us.
You have received a draft summons because we will initiate legal proceedings against you on behalf of our client. With this letter, we offer you the last opportunity to pay the claim extrajudicially. If you do not respond to this, we are unfortunately obliged to start the legal procedure. The costs for the procedure will be for your account after an awarding decision by the court.
Click here for more information regarding this subject (Dutch).
If you disagree with the notice or the demand we ask you to send us your defense, including supporting documents, by email, or post.

We kindly ask you to include the following:
  • Name and address;
  • Case number;
  • The reason why you disagree;
  • Supporting documents to support your claim. E.g. proof of payment, proof of cancellation.
There is a possibility that you have fulfilled your payment whilst the notice has already been sent to you. Furthermore, It is possible that you only paid a part of the demand. To check if Call2Collect received your payment, you can get in touch with us.
It is possible that handing over the demand and your payment to our clients have crossed each other. If you send proof of payment we will investigate what happened to the payment. You can send the proof of payment to Call2Collect by e-mail.

If you are facing one or more high debts, it is important to create a good overview of your outstanding accounts. In our portal, you have a clear overview of your outstanding accounts. Websites such as and offer useful tips and tools that can help you put your finances in order. It is important to respond to any reminder or letter you receive from BVCM. Together, we can work with you to find a suitable solution.

We are happy to help you find a suitable payment arrangement for your outstanding bills. Thanks to our network, we can refer you to the right (external) advisers and organizations that can support you in your situation. If you do not recognize yourself in the outstanding bill or reminder, please contact us by filling in the contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

We understand that you are unable to pay due to difficult private circumstances. However, we advise you to contact our specialized team. You can contact us by telephone at +31 (0)20 346 07 46 or by e-mail at

Understanding your finances is essential to resolving your debts. There are several agencies and organizations that can help you in this regard, for instance, by advising you on your income and expenses. There are also several websites available that can help you gain insight into your finances. Via Nibud, for instance, you can compare your expenses with the average expenses of other people, and Nibud has drawn up sample amounts for situations in which you cannot figure out your exact expenses.

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